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IP and Flag Counter

Here is another interpretation of a web Flag Counter and nice and stylish website widget. It has a very
daring but interesting design which turns out to be eye-catching and colorful. Another advantage of one of our website gadgets and widgets is the fact that you will not face any problems in using it. Control panel is very efficient and not complicated. Just imagine: a whole globe is on your desktop and you can get to any place of it with literally one click of your mouse.

You will see with this widget the bulk audience of visitors of your site. In particular, the user can see on the moving picture his own location. In addition, it will attract attention to manage the planet: change speed, position, direction of rotation, zoom in or zoom out. In order to install this fine widget all you need is to copy its code to a clipboard and paste it into the right place.

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Map yellow

Our gadget website offers you another interpretation of f web map and nice and stylish website widget. It has a very daring but interesting design which turns out to be eye-catching due to yellow color. Another advantage of one of our website gadgets and widgets is the fact that you will not face any problems in using it. Control panel is very efficient and not complicated.
Widget has a square shape, small in size, it will suit ideally to the style of your website. You can get with it information about the location of your most frequent visitors of the site.
This smart web map widget can become a very nice and useful decoration of your website. With its help you can get to almost any place of the Earth. The whole world is at arm's length!

Get the code by clicking on the blue tack and post on your site:

Planet Earth

This is a nice and pleasant website widget which will give you an opportunity to have the globe right here on your desktop. With the help of only a mouse you are able to control it and get to any part of the world. It is very easy to manage this widget site web by one click of the button. Moreover it has but very helpful control panel which is very simple to use. Additional functions on the control panel facilitate the review process. Using the buttons you can rotate the globe in different directions: up and down, left and down. Moreover, you can also make the picture closer or farther. Place this widget on your website and it will become much more attractive. The design of this widget well suit for any type of site, especially if it is decorated in dark colors. Just do not forget about your daily business while enjoying our widget.

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Clock for website

This is a very nice website widget which you can download free of charge. It is very simple but very efficient. It has a classical design which makes it very attractive. This clock for site can suit your desktop interior. It is available among a wide option of free downloads for websites. You van download them with a click of a button.
The design of this clock will not leave you unattended. Round dial in light gray colour, Roman numerals, additional small dial that displays seconds and an interesting figure on top - this clock is the good addition to your blog or website.

Click and get this widget code on our web site:

Clock black and red

This is one of our numerous clock widgets that can be easily installed on any web site or blog.

It is possible to introduce this widget in a set of open social networks, for instance, MySpace,Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, Blogger, Ning, Blogspot, Hi5, Hadithuna,iGoogle, Netvibes Typepad and so on. The clock widget combines an attractive techno design with red and black colours.

Large Arabic digits are easy to recognize as well as the clock hands. inside the large clock a smaller one is situated that makes the overall composition more esthetically attractive and up-to-date. This is surely a perfect decoration for your web page.

Fleet clock for site

This is one of available clocks on our gadget website. It is created similar to those that they have on navy ships. Designers tried to repeat all the details of fleet clock which made this website widget very interesting and creative. In addition it keeps all the necessary functions which every clock must have. You can try one of our free downloads for websites.

The design of this watch is really unusual. The peculiarity of it is a sound that is heard when changing every second. Furthermore the arrows are different: the main are showing the hour and minute. They are decorated by emerald and black colors that draw attention to itself, rather than to a thin gray arrow that shows seconds.

Have a look at this gadget and get it absolutely free:

Modern clock for site

This clock for site is very modern and stylish. Designers tried to make it very useful as well as attractive. They managed to make this website widget up to date and eye-catching. In addition you are provided with the detailed information about the day, month, year and exact time. This makes it really helpful. It is also available among other website gadgets and widgets on our resource.

The clock is simple in its execution. With its location on your website, you will never forget about your meeting with a business partner, and the presence in the upper left corner the name of the day and the month will not let you get lost in the fluidity of the days.

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Sovanta clock for site

Here is another available clock for site from the wide range of different free widgets for website which can be found on our web resource. From the one hand it is very important to be always well aware of the time, from the other it is always pleasant to check time with clock that has modern and stylish design. Sovanta clock for site is such kind of pleasant addition to the inner world of your computer.

Here you can check how they look like:

Clock for site white

Here is one of our free widgets for website which is created in a very stylish and energetic design. This clock for site has a shape of star while black and read colors can give you a real boost of energy during working process. From the other hand it is hard to imagine our life without clock, isn’t it?

The clock is very attractive. Its design is pleasing to the eye. This clock is transparent and therefore it will fit well into the style of your website and the red and green colors clearly will complement the design of the widget itself. Especially beautiful it will look on a dark background with some figures. The clock also has a clockface with a name of a day and date.

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Clock for site light-blue and black

This nice and pleasant website widget is created for those who like everything connected with astrology and horoscope. This clock for site has a very eye-catching design, which is similar to moon calendar and has light-blue Roman numerals which give its appearance ancient and mysterious look. They will easily feet the interior of the desktop and can be placed in any part of the monitor.
In addition, you can see even a digital version of a clock with numbers in blue color at the bottom, that easily fits into its design. The widget is placed on soft light background, which gives a clear contrast between them. Arrows are wide and make it easy to understand what time is now.
This clock is available among other widgets for websites: