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Clock blue and white

Here you can see an example of an analog clock widget. It can perfectly suit your blog or website.
The clock colour is blue and white, its hands are white. The frame contains blue and silver stripes. The background is mainly blue and partly white.
The numbers are clear blue and quite large. The combination of colours is very plain and doesn't distract attention when it is unnecessary.

This clock is a good choice for those who prefer clear structure and plain design. Please visit our website and find yourself a nice widget that could catch your attention. You can be sure your choice could make your page more attractive!

Round clock

Here is a very nice example of a round clock for a site. Its classical structure and plain design are the best choice for those users who like coherent and clear-cut graphics and prefer moderate colours.

Black frame and white background along with red minute hand represent a harmonic colour combination.

Large black numbers are easy to recognize. Please visit our website and get acquainted with the huge diversity of clocks we offer.

We are sure you can find a clock which will suit you perfectly and give you a hand in accentuating visual attractiveness of your page and its online web-resource.

Clock for site balck and white

Here is another nice and modern clock for site available on our resource. Designers used only black and white colors while creating this website widget. However this fact made them even more attractive and minimalistic. The main advantage of this clock is its efficiency. You get an opportunity to check the time right from your desktop while operating the computer.

If you are a lover of modernism and elegance –we have made this widget for you. This clock will match for any website or blog, regardless of whether it is dedicated to the scientific theme or a social page for communication. The clock dial has a thick frame and large numbers.

Have a closer look at this clock:

Watch the pendulum

This example of clock widget is one of the most popular among those available on our web site. It can be used both for a web site or a blog.

Under this smart clock widget it is possible to deploy some important posts or messages you want other users to read.

With such appealing design your information will be inevitably noticed.

The background of the clock is lightly grey while hour and minute hands are black that contrasts with yellow round edges of the clock widget. If you get bored sometimes look at this clock but beware: don't get hipnotyzed by it's moving pendulum!

Old clock for site widget

Here is another variant of our clock for site. Despite the fact it is very necessary thing in everyday life while working on the computer it also has a very attractive design which reminds us about the past. It can add something interesting and unexpected to the interior of your desktop. While watching at this clock one can remember his childhood and immerse himself into the warm memories.

In addition, the watch was made in retro style, designers have tried and they added some visual volume and convexity. Visual reflection of the sun on a virtual glass is an impression of good sunny weather by your window even if you are working on the job now.

Have a look at this nice gadget:

Digital clock

Using a javascript code we have succeeded in creating a simple clock widget in a techno style.
This type of clock is very convenient for any web site. It's obvious advantage is a small size and bright colour of the background that attracts attention instantly.
This clock can be located in any place of your web page and always reflects the actual time. The clock widget traditionally shows hours, minutes and seconds.

The background colour is red so you will have no trouble if you want to know the exact time: the clock can be easily found on the web page.

Clock drawn yellow

Our free digital virtual clocks could be used as nice decoration of the web site of any topic.

Meet: the most simple of all our clock widgets available on our site. But in this case the simplicity of the design goes along with the originality of the very concept. The message is straightforward: a clock and nothing more.

First of all this clock fits those users who are not very fond of excessive graphics and prefer practical instruments.

The clock is developed to reflect only time but in two modifications. The first one is traditional clock with digits detecting quater points. the second one is represented by a classic electronic clock showing only hours and minutes. The background is made in yellow colour.

Clock for site diesel green

Do you like everything connected with fashion and popular brands? If so, have a look at this nice clock for site. Designers were inspired by the popular fashion brand Diesel while creating this website widget. It looks very stylish and luxurious with deep green, black and white colors, which appear to be a signature of the brand.

The fans of something new and exciting will appreciate this widget at most. It will easy attract your attention and visitors to the site or blog. Dial was made with a combination of broad white arrows and dark background. Square form of a clock conveniently allows you to place this widget on desktop.

If you would like to find out what are widgets for websites visit our resource and download it free of charge:

Black rolex clock for site

If you do not know what are widgets for websites have a look at this nice and useful clock for site. It is very familiar to the original version of rolex table and it even has its logo. It was created using grey and black colors which make it very pretty addition for the web site or can turn out to be just a reliable time reminder for everyday life.

The classic design of this widget will necessarily turn over your attention. Made in the style of Rolex, it will saturate your website or blog and certainly will add elegance and appeal. Especially, this clock will be nice on the white background.

Have a close look at this gadget website and download it free:

Greean and purple clock for site

Here is very attractive clock for site. It has an eye-catching design due to extraordinary combination of purple and green. It will not irritate you while working on the computer. In addition after you download this website widget you will get a nice addition for the interior of your desktop. You have an opportunity to place it in the most suitable place of the screen so that you could always check the time.

The dial of this clock has two parts round that are expressly separated one from another. The figures are clearly seen in conjunction light green and purple. Looking at this clock, we do not feel anything extra, because designer’s color combination is quiet to read.

Have a look at this nice gadget: