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Visitor statistics widgets

Owners of websites physically can’t monitor them all day long without day-off, so we introduce a special web widgets for them. Such widget for site can easily check how many people were simultaneously on your site and what information they were interested in.
Visitor statistics widgets are used to display the quantitative visitor history of the last 24 hours in real time. It is the best way to monitor the work of the website, as it is connected to the public live statistics page displaying real time data including more detailed 24 hour stats. Such widget for site includes several data: a list of people, who a currently reading provided information; you can get stats about the number of people present on the particular page at a definite moment; the most popular pages are situated near the top of the list; and list of recent readers and pages they are viewing now or viewed a moment ago.
Main information you get from the gadget and its main features:
Shows the quantity of users online
Location of the visitors all over the world
Source of usage (i.e. Google, Yahoo)
All browser info
IP-address of the[list]
Shows the quantity of users online visitors
Localization of the person on your website in a particular moment

As this service is free, you can install it on any kind of websites. It even serves as a widget for blogspot or overblog.

Geo Location Map

Geolocation is a tracking and mapping web widget, which allows getting an Internet users geographic location. Your visitor is identified when accessed at your blog, forum or internet website with our free widgets for blogger. This process is 97% reliable for tracing countries, 75% reliable for tracing cities.
A genuine tracking tool, this widget for siteshows a real-time world map indicating active and inactive visitors. Geo Location Map is a real great free html widget, which shows in real time the geographic location of visitors.
All this you can get with a few simple clicks! Do not waste time boost and have fun your visitors.
In many cases, obtaining user location would be extremely useful to establish better user experience, for example:
E-commerce sites can immediately provide shipping cost estimation and inform product availability from local retailers
News sites can provide localized headlines and weather report.
Movie sites can listed the ‘Now Playing’ movies in nearby theatres, etc.
Main features
This blog widget for WordPress has a simple interface and to get it you should only copy html code and paste it on your page. Then you will get such features:
Possibility to use different map providers
Global maps can present your posts in many ways
A Geo widget enables searching for content by distance from a search location
Location can be saved for all post types (including pages) users, and comments

Ip Your Visitors

In this section you can get acquinted with a widget that places the users location on the world map. It is very useful if you have a lot of friends all over the world. And for modern Internet users with a great variety of available communication means at their disposal it is rather a rule than an exception. You have got an exellent opportunity to detect the location of any user. A convenient control board can be easily understood even by an unexperienced person. You will also have no problem with the installation of this gadget. The procedure is common for all widgets our website offers: copy the code and paste it into the required place on your page.

The main difference of it from others is that it provides an opportunity to look at the map and see your location. In addition, you can zoom in the map for making the picture clearer. This widget is conceived so as not to take up much space on the site. The colors are combined good in it and the widget is well suited to any type of site or even a blog. If you are fond of tourism - this application will fall to your like. All you have to do is to take java skript and place a widget on your site. You can ensure that it is available, because only for you it is free

IP and Flag Counter

Here is another interpretation of a web Flag Counter and nice and stylish website widget. It has a very
daring but interesting design which turns out to be eye-catching and colorful. Another advantage of one of our website gadgets and widgets is the fact that you will not face any problems in using it. Control panel is very efficient and not complicated. Just imagine: a whole globe is on your desktop and you can get to any place of it with literally one click of your mouse.

You will see with this widget the bulk audience of visitors of your site. In particular, the user can see on the moving picture his own location. In addition, it will attract attention to manage the planet: change speed, position, direction of rotation, zoom in or zoom out. In order to install this fine widget all you need is to copy its code to a clipboard and paste it into the right place.

Get a closer look at this useful gadget:

Map yellow

Our gadget website offers you another interpretation of f web map and nice and stylish website widget. It has a very daring but interesting design which turns out to be eye-catching due to yellow color. Another advantage of one of our website gadgets and widgets is the fact that you will not face any problems in using it. Control panel is very efficient and not complicated.
Widget has a square shape, small in size, it will suit ideally to the style of your website. You can get with it information about the location of your most frequent visitors of the site.
This smart web map widget can become a very nice and useful decoration of your website. With its help you can get to almost any place of the Earth. The whole world is at arm's length!

Get the code by clicking on the blue tack and post on your site:

Planet Earth

This is a nice and pleasant website widget which will give you an opportunity to have the globe right here on your desktop. With the help of only a mouse you are able to control it and get to any part of the world. It is very easy to manage this widget site web by one click of the button. Moreover it has but very helpful control panel which is very simple to use. Additional functions on the control panel facilitate the review process. Using the buttons you can rotate the globe in different directions: up and down, left and down. Moreover, you can also make the picture closer or farther. Place this widget on your website and it will become much more attractive. The design of this widget well suit for any type of site, especially if it is decorated in dark colors. Just do not forget about your daily business while enjoying our widget.

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