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Visitor statistics widgets

Owners of websites physically can’t monitor them all day long without day-off, so we introduce a special web widgets for them. Such widget for site can easily check how many people were simultaneously on your site and what information they were interested in.
Visitor statistics widgets are used to display the quantitative visitor history of the last 24 hours in real time. It is the best way to monitor the work of the website, as it is connected to the public live statistics page displaying real time data including more detailed 24 hour stats. Such widget for site includes several data: a list of people, who a currently reading provided information; you can get stats about the number of people present on the particular page at a definite moment; the most popular pages are situated near the top of the list; and list of recent readers and pages they are viewing now or viewed a moment ago.
Main information you get from the gadget and its main features:
Shows the quantity of users online
Location of the visitors all over the world
Source of usage (i.e. Google, Yahoo)
All browser info
IP-address of the[list]
Shows the quantity of users online visitors
Localization of the person on your website in a particular moment

As this service is free, you can install it on any kind of websites. It even serves as a widget for blogspot or overblog.