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Сlock timer

Please look at this cute clock.

You will even can not imagine that it is really interesting. At first glance it is a simple clock. Made in the style of wall clock, designer successfully combined gray and emerald colors.

The arrows are always visible because they have light green and black on the sides. One of the interesting facts is that when you will direct the pointer of your mouse over it, the dial will be highlighted by bright green.

Another secret of this extraordinary widget will be loved by office workers. Just click on the clock face and at the same time there is a countdown 3 minutes, and a cup of coffee will remind you that break will be soon. After the countdown, the clock will remind you again about the break by pleasant beep.

Square clock

We present to you this wonderful widget.

Its shape is very simple. The clock is square shaped, dark blue dial combined with white markers and a bright blue arrow that creates a wonderful duo. Designers have added another effect: the arrow showing the second reserves the shadow.
For greater individuality at the bottom present digital clock variant. Widget is the best match for the site with light and bright colors, because blue clock will create a clear contrast between them. People with creative personality and the minimalists will like this clock the best.

The widget does not take up too much space and is a great addition to your desktop.

Classic clock for website

Take a look at this nice and pleasant clock for site. It is very attractive due to its classical design and efficiency. It has nothing unnecessary and can suit the design of your desktop. Moreover this web clock will serve you as a perfect time reminder. You can easily download its widget code on our web site absolutely free of charge with only a click of a button.

Practical and simple clock is at once beautiful decoration for your desktop. The light blue color will always remind you of pleasant summer day, blue sky and rest on the ocean. A convenient form of the clock, will be good match of any kind site or blog.

Here you can have a closer look at it:

User online

We introduce you the another of the most useful and necessary widgets on our site. Even you do not need to guess what it is. The main idea of this application is that it shows the number of visitors of your website or blog, which are at the moment still present on it. This number will tell you how your website or blog is a popular and useful for Internet users. Furthermore users will see themselves how many people are currently using it also. Flash widget is quite small, rectangular form that will allow you to place it in any part of your site. Just get the code by clicking on the blue button. Everything is of course free of charge.

User online

Counter uniques online widget

For your consideration we represent this small but so needed widget for your website. This counter counts the number of visitors of your website or blog and will give you the necessary information that would exactly indicate the popularity of your site.

Widget has a clear and simple form. It does not take up much space, so you can put it anywhere. The designer used only two colors, black and white, so the numbers are clear. For this accountant you need just to get the code by clicking on blue button and post on your website. No registration, no filling information.

Widget is absolutely free of charge.

Exchange rates for website

Widget exchange rates. Updated online. Required to set the business sites and blogs. The widget is free and without advertising. This widget will be useful to business people who often deal with the buying or selling of currencies, economists, analysts, investors and international companies. Widget shows the fluctuations of leading world currencies, changes of their value among other currencies. By directing the cursor and clicking on the name of currency appears the graph of its value. The schedule is conveniently located under the list of all currencies and well stands out from the whole widget.

Your IP

The widget that shows the IP of everyone who comes to the site is an another novelty.

Application does not take up a lot of space, but brings many benefits. Users can see it’s own IP address. Now they do not need download special software or search address in their’s own computer's settings.

The flash widget has a nice look. All information in it is underlined by a horizontal slash. By using our site, you can afford to use this widget, which will be a positive addition to your web page. Thanks to its simplest form you can place it anywhere, just get a code by clicking on a blue button. We remind you that it is certainly free of charge.

Micro clock

Here's represent the smallest in size widget on our website. This electronic clock was made in emerald colour and it fits into any interior.

Widget will be particularly useful for the desktop if you are a busy person, have a lot of work with documents and you need a plenty of space for work programs. You'll never miss an important meeting and you will not be late for the plane, because you will always be reminded of the time by this small and delicate widget.

Designers combinated colors: white numbers on the emerald background are well allocated on this electronic clock. And do not worry about it’s small size, so that the clock will be an integral part of your site.

Blue clock

You probably have never seen such a compact, small, attractive and at the same time stylish clock. This widget will not leave you unattended. Designed in blue color with figures in white. Despite its small size, it performs its functions well. Oval shape of this clock resembles a pill or start button and is pleasing to the eye. Because it is such small and compact size, you can place next to it another useful application from our site. Do not forget that all the widgets we have are free of charge. This widget is simply indispensable for any kind of website. It fit well to be placed in any part of the desktop.

Mac clock

If you are a lover of modern technology, this widget is for you. It will not leave you unattended. Especially this clock will match on the sites about the technique, blogging about the new and modern technology, and even on your desktop. Designed in the style of mac books, it will be a good addition. Now you will not forget about your plans and appointments. Blue screen goes well with gray numbers and is simple in its execution. Also there was placed the horizontal line with purpose to make hour more visible. Wonderful gradient on screen mak books will please an eye. Don’t forget that it is free of charge.