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Gold Price

This website widget displays gold prices quoting on the global market. The figures are changing in real time regime and are updated every minute. The price is given in two dimensions: absolute and relative. The absolute indicator shows the real price of gold in US dollars. The relative indicator shows the percentage by which the real gold price has changed within a certain period of time. The upward or downward direction is showed by means of a red triangle. You can easily install this gold price widget on your website or blog. All you need is to copy and paste the code of the widget on your web page.

Price Website Widget

This is one of our blog widgets. It is very informative and contains the most important information regarding fuel and precious metals. It will help to check the latest prices on crude oil, gasoline, natural gas, gold silver and copper. It will turn out to be essentials for those who deal with stock exchange and needs refreshed details concerning the most common goods. The internet users will not search among other sites in order to find new data on growth rates of gasoline or oil. They will find this data on your website in a form of a compact widget. Gain more popularity with it by placing a widget in any corner of your website.

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Pull-in clock and calendar

As an old proverb says – time is money. All of us should follow this saying. It is much more pleasant to check time with stylish and modern clock for site. This website widget was designed using blue color which reminds us about blue sky and deep ocean. It is very relaxing and at the same time essential in everyday life.

The widget that we offer you is the embodiment of two things in one. The calendar and clock will always allow you to keep track of time. Now you will never mix up days and not be late for a business meeting. This widget is compact and does not take up many placeson your desktop.

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Roundtable black clock for site

Among a big number of different free widgets for website you will surely find this roundtable black clock very useful and attractive. From the first sight its design can seem a little bit poor, from the other hand this clock for site is very simple and efficient. You can keep it at any part of the desktop and it will not interfere in the working process.

This widget is a great addition to your website if you are the connoisseur of rigor, accuracy and reliability. Design clock will not let your site users do not pay attention to it. Ease of fulfillment is the key to success. This widget has nothing superfluous, so your focus is just only on the time. On the website this clock will not distract you from the mass media.

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Grey roundtable clock for site

Despite the fact these clock for site do not have very colorful design, they look pretty modern and stylish. They are designed with the use of only grey and white color. This makes them very efficient and practical. You can place them at the most suitable place of the desktop. It is available among other website gadgets and widgets.

If you are fond of classics - this widget is really for you. Simple design, a combination of two colors, round dial is a good addition to your website. This widget is also suitable for creative people who love the simplicity and ease of perception.

Here you can check how they look like:

Nice blue clock for site

These clocks for site are very useful even despite its simple design. Blue figures serve as a permanent reminder for user. This website widget can be kept in any part of the screen and it will not become irritating. Moreover it will help to be in the necessary place on time.

One of the most amazing widgets that we can offer you is this digital clock. It has good color combinations, light blue on a black background. There is an interesting scheme of changing numbers whose line are breaking and forming a new figure. This widget will add to your site some originality and strangeness. But do not be hypnotized by by it’s progress of work.

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Electronic red clock for website

Electronic red clock is very useful website widget. Despite the fact it is very simple, it has a modern design which will surely suit your taste. Moreover you will never forget the time due to red figures, which will always remind about some important meetings or things to do. This clock for site will turn out to be very efficient and it ia available among other numerous widgets for website.

Here there is one from the most popular types of digital clock. The design of it's is very easy for any person: red numbers stand out well on the black background. Horizontal clock is very compact and does not require a lot of space. This is one of its advantages, which you can use by posting this widget on your website, blog or network page, no matter to what they are intended.

You can check how they look like:

Old clock for site

Our widget site offers you a wide range of different useful gadgets. We have big collections of clocks. And here is one of them. This clock for site has a very attractive design which reminds us about the past. It can add something interesting and unexpected to the interior of your desktop. While watching at this clock one can remember his childhood and immerse himself into the warm memories.

The classic style of this clock is perfectly in harmony with other widgets on your website or even blog. It adds a certain uniqueness and individuality. The numbers on the octagonal dial are made in the Roman style. Also there present animated clock pendulum which clearly complements its design. If you are fond of something unusual - this widget that we offer is for you.

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Smile clock for site

Have a look at this nice and funny clock for site. It has a similar design to a common alarm clock. Pink and yellow colors add something attractive and warm to this website widget. Moreover it will remind you about what time is it by a loud signal. You can find it useful while operating the computer and making dinner at the same time. Our widget site has a wide range of useful gadgets on every occasion.

The colors of this clock will match for any type of the site, especially if the site is decorated with bright patterns and different figures. Dial clock is clearly visible to the users of the site besides its hands are wide, so no one can mix the time. Having this nice looking clock will be not only one from the convenient trinkets, but also it will increase the appeal of your website.

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Calendar for blog

Here is very nice and pleasant calendar for site. It is pretty and at the same time very useful thing for the everyday life. It has a very simple, but creative design. This widget is familiar to and ordinary paper calendar, which we can meet practically on every office table. Due to its blue color this widget looks really attractive.

This original widget will surely decorate any blog or web page. Besides it will be no trouble with its installation. Simply copy the widget's code to the clipboard and paste it in he HTML code of yor page in a required place.

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