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Mac clock

If you are a lover of modern technology, this widget is for you. It will not leave you unattended. Especially this clock will match on the sites about the technique, blogging about the new and modern technology, and even on your desktop. Designed in the style of mac books, it will be a good addition. Now you will not forget about your plans and appointments. Blue screen goes well with gray numbers and is simple in its execution. Also there was placed the horizontal line with purpose to make hour more visible. Wonderful gradient on screen mak books will please an eye. Don’t forget that it is free of charge.

Gold Price

This website widget displays gold prices quoting on the global market. The figures are changing in real time regime and are updated every minute. The price is given in two dimensions: absolute and relative. The absolute indicator shows the real price of gold in US dollars. The relative indicator shows the percentage by which the real gold price has changed within a certain period of time. The upward or downward direction is showed by means of a red triangle. You can easily install this gold price widget on your website or blog. All you need is to copy and paste the code of the widget on your web page.

Price Website Widget

This is one of our blog widgets. It is very informative and contains the most important information regarding fuel and precious metals. It will help to check the latest prices on crude oil, gasoline, natural gas, gold silver and copper. It will turn out to be essentials for those who deal with stock exchange and needs refreshed details concerning the most common goods. The internet users will not search among other sites in order to find new data on growth rates of gasoline or oil. They will find this data on your website in a form of a compact widget. Gain more popularity with it by placing a widget in any corner of your website.

Get an access to one of our free downloads for websites:

Month calendar for you site

This is a very simple but at the same time useful widget site web, which was created by the website designers for those, who is able to evaluate every moment of his time and tries to keep in mind all important events and dates. By means of this widget you will never forget about your friends’ birthday. Pay additional attention to an unobtrusive colours of this widget. It perfectly suits web pages or blogs with moderate graphics. The widget doesn't distract attention of the visitor from the important page content but at the same time the calendar is easy to find if necessary.

Have a look at its pleasant design and efficiency:

One day calendar

Here is another variant of calendar, which is among our widgets for website. It is created in a very stylish and modern design. It is made with using violet, deep blue and white colors which make it very attractive and up to date. Moreover this calendar is very efficient. You can click on this website widget and check the upcoming dates, holidays and important occasions. A compact design of this widget doesn't require much free space on the web page. And with the built-in function of a reminder you will never miss any important event. Your friends will be amazed on how well-informed you are.

Have a look at this nice calendar:

Top clock widget

Here you can see an example of a flash clock. It has an invisibility effect and consists only of second, minute and hour hands of silver colour. The clock represents quite different version of electronic widgets. Of course it can be used by all variety of users because of its small portable size and unusual design. The only disadvantage for some users may lie in finding out time as there no numbers and divisions. All the same it can be quite useful when placed on your page. So we offer you to visit our web-resource and see through the list of our products. We hope they can turn out to be of a great help to you.

Top clock for site

Here is a perfect variant of clock for site. Its main advantage is the fact that you can locate it at the top of your desktop so that it will not interfere in your working process. From the other hand this website widget will provide you with all information needed regarding the date and precise time. It can easily suit your desktop interior due to its gray color.
Exactly the presence in this electronic clock the date from the left and time from the right, gives it a big advantage among other variants of electronic clock. This clock is perfect for people who work hard and save the time. Is suitable for posting on the website with any interface.
In case you are attracted by this gadget you are welcome to download it:

Popular clock widget

Looking for something peculiar to decorate your web site?
Look through our web resource where the best widgets are gathered. Look at this smart clock widget for a site. It is made in modern way using bright graphics and various dynamic elements. A black background contrasts with green clock hands and multi-coloured sparks moving constantly in circles.

Installing this flash widget on your web page you will surely attract the attention of all the visitors of your page. Besides the very process of installation is not complicated. All you need is to copy the gadget's code to your clipboard and paste it to your web site in the preferable place.

New clock widget

"Simplicity in everything". That is what can be said about this clock widget for a site. Really, a design in this case is simple, it does not envisages any particular dynamic or colour efeects and decorations. This gadget would suit those users who appraise the practicality of their web pages or sites most of all. This widget can be also used when the bright design of site content is inadequate. And if you don't like modern graphics much the moderate colours of this flash widget represent a perfect choice. So if you got interested in this widget you can receive its HTML code for free and easy.

Js clock widget

Want to add something unusual to your web page? No problem.

Visit our web resource and install this fine clock widget on a site. Due to javascript language you can add dynamic effects to your web page including this specific gadget showing actual time. A clock length moving circularly in various directions immediately attracts attention of every user visiting your web page or blog. Smart and bright digital dynamic effects are always a differentiating point that distinguishes your web page from thousands of similar ones existing in the Internet. Be unique - use unique instruments!